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I guess it's a bit weird (and ridiculous) to be starting my blog at this stage in my journey, but there you go. I'm lazy! This is my very last country before I head home, but as it's a pretty big one, I think I'll have a lot to say. My diaries from Argentina, Australia and New Zealand may get converted onto here at a later date.
Fourth day in San Francisco today. Already! And in America in general. Had the most bizarre weekend which feels like it's lasted forever though, due to flying over so many time zones. Waking up in Auckland for the flight out, and arriving at the hostel 19 hours later apparently both happened at 10am on Saturday. Head fuck! Anyway as I munch my Pop Tart (third, who's counting?) I will try and recall some stuff.
- EEE!
This is the noise I feel I am constantly making. Everything is still really exciting to me in America so far, and I don't seem to be calming down. Have always wanted to come here, so hard to believe I actually made it. I find myself taking pictures of everything I see and giggling whenever I hear an American accent (which is a lot, and so needs to stop). And I seem to be on a one-woman mission to purchase every snack food I have ever seen on TV. Which can only end with me being enormous. But happy. Huge and happy.
Pretty much everything in San Fran is on a hill. But that's too tame a word, they're like actual mountains on the street. Honestly, you would think twice about climbing it in case you fell back down. If nothing else, I'll get some killer calf muscles on my new flabby body. But yeah, it turns out the cable cars that run up are a necessity rather than just a cute tourist attraction.
Back! Just left then as we got up at 1 again and figured we should do something with the day. So we Golden Gated it. Feel a bit cheated because it is not golden in any way! Red if anything. It was ok but a bit underwhelming. Just such a cold, blustery sort of day. And Alex was only wearing a t shirt so he was understandably a bit pissy. All I really gained from it was even frizzier hair than normal.
Don't know why I'm complaining really. I'm in the USA dammit! I'm slowly getting used to what block we're on, and what's around, and calling streets just by the name rather than putting 'Street' on the end (we're on 'Post'). But still don't feel particularly savvy like I did immediately in Australia or New Zealand, and eventually did in Argentina. Or safe. There's a lot of homeless people, a lot of crazies; accidentally walked through a whole 3 blocks of them-very quickly!- last night. I'm sure it will be the same sort of thing in New York.
Our hostel is very lovely though - got this hour of internet as a free gift for choosing them, in fact! Bless. Hoping we can keep extending our stay until we leave, but it gets so packed at weekends that the prices pretty much double. And on a strict budget so not sure. But lugging our stuff across town will be muy inconvenient...
Anyway. Karaoke tonight! Free beer if you sing...I somehow still don't think I'll be tempted!
Gonna get some more free coffee. Byee!

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